Problem when using "Telegraf 1.13.0-with-pg"

Hi All,

I know the timescaledb output plugin for telegraf is not supported by this community anymore, but I hope someone can still help me…

I found the deb package here, and used it inside a debian11 container. I need debian11 because I am using telegraf along with Slurm and I have to be compatible with or cluster’s OS release… Anyway, when I run telegraf with the timescaledb output plugin, I get this error:

2022-07-20T09:09:40Z E! Error checking for existence of metric table: exec_ended_jobs
SQL: SELECT tablename FROM pg_tables WHERE tablename = $1 AND schemaname = $2;
simple protocol queries must be run with standard_conforming_strings=on

And of course, not all my data is working.

So first of all, is there a quick fix for this problem.

Also, I have this container: telegraf-timescaledb_1.14.0-with-pg which seems to work except that it is based on debian9 so I can’t use it in our live environment (I was able to test that it does not give the error above and successfully extends the postgres table when needed). So maybe you can point me to where I can get just the telegraf 14 with the plugin deb package?

Many Thanks,


Hi @Oren_Shani ,

I did some trials after compiling from the sources the official telegraf source code containing the output.sql plugin and it seems to be running properly.

 ./telegraf version
Telegraf 1.19.3 (git: HEAD a799489f)

NB: It’s only a trial though.