PostgreSQL Supported Version - When to Consider PG14

I note the Compatibility Matrix listed at the following URL -

I am currently using Timescaledb Managed Service and I am wondering at what point should I really seriously consider upgrade from PG13 to PG14

I am currently running TSDB v2.7.1 (w/ Toolkit 1.7.0)

It seems upgrading to PG14 will require me to regenerate/rebuild the continuous aggregates that I have. I understand long term I will need to consider such an upgrade but are there any tangible benefits in doing so right now?

I am asking what is a very subjective question - but someone can perhaps point to some empirical evidence such as huge performance improvements etc

Furthermore; is there any specific “Managed Service” documentation on upgrading from PG13 to PG14

having recently upgraded my TSDB extension to 2.7.1. I was presented with lots of messages similar to the following;

WARNING: The aggregation state format for numeric changed between PG13 and PG14. You should upgrade the above mentioned caggs to the new format before upgrading to PG14

Thanks in Advance.