Migrate data from AWS Timestream to TimescaleDB

Hi everybody,

I work currently with AWS Timestream, and I wan’t to switch to TimescaleDB !
But I didn’t fount a good way to transfer data from the first to the second, have you any advice to do this in a proper maner ?

Thank you

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Hello @julien welcome to the Timescale community and thank you for your question.

Did you find this section of our how-to docs? https://docs.timescale.com/timescaledb/latest/how-to-guides/migrate-data/ this could be a great place to start :slightly_smiling_face: If you read that and it doesn’t map to how you can work with AWS Timestream, hop back on this question and share a few more details. We’ll see if we can help some more.


Glad to hear you’re interested in TimescaleDB! If you could provide a little more detail of what your data model looks like, how much data you have, and where TimescaleDB will be hosted, that would go a long way in helping to guide the advice and discussion.


Thank you for your response,

Finally I didn’t know but we always have the orignal CSV used to fill the AWS Timestream, so we could use those to fill the new TimescaleDB !

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Updated link: Timescale Documentation | Migrate your data to Timescale