March 31st is Timescale Community Day!

It’s nearly time!

Thursday 31st March is Timescale Community Day join us for talks on PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, and observability!

A sneak peek of the talk titles… much more information on the Community Day web page!

  • Machine Learning for Time Series Forecasting with Python
  • Aggregates in PGX: An Adventure
  • SQL Tricks of an Application DBA
  • Supercharging PostgreSQL Extensibility
  • Twitter and Flood-warning Systems
  • Designing Effective Data-Intensive Dashboards
  • pg_chameleon, MySQL to PostgreSQL Easy Replica
  • Observability will Kill the Monitoring Star
  • Learn How Your Distributed Systems Really Work Using Traces and SQL
  • Unconventional Time-series Data: Mining Wordle Tweets with PostgreSQL

All kicks off at the top of the hour, 14:00 UTC / 09:00 ET on Thursday, March 31st

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