Logical replication is not supported?

Hello everyone, I’m quitting influx towards timescaledb. However, I have locally (docker) stored database and I want to stream it to the cloud.

After reading the docs, I’ve noticed that replicas are supported, however, the cloud database must access the local database. For my case, it is impossible. It looks like I need to pull the database to the cloud and logical replication is the way to go. Is that correct?

However, according to docs, it is not supported. Any tips or advice?

I made a picture to clarify. Thx

Hi @thalesmaoa , if you’re on cloud I think you’ll need to opt for cloud replication only.

If you’re trying it from your custom cloud to other local places, probably it’s better to think about one strategy of streaming data and what stream.

@noctarius created a very good project that can help you stream the info you want GitHub - noctarius/timescaledb-event-streamer: timescaledb-event-streamer is a command line program to create a stream of CDC (Change Data Capture) TimescaleDB Hypertable events from a PostgreSQL installation running the TimescaleDB extension.

Maybe you’ll need to design a strategy to sync it and also recovery from offline periods.

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Hi @jonatasdp , I must say that I’m really happy with your reply. Thank you!
I would take forever to find @noctarius repository, but it seems exactly what I need.

The raspberry runs in the middle of nowhere, but the main will be placed at the cloud. I will read carefully. Thanks again.

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A follow up of the topic. There are a bunch of solutions to detect database change and perform some actions. The idea is to use a CDC and perform any task.

Want I need is something simpler than that. I need to stream data on change to secondary. Only at database level. Usually replica request from primary. Still looking for the best solution.