Jobs do not execute

Hi all!

Today my UDFs were not started for execution. I tried to alter time for next start, tried to recreate UDF, but they did not executed. Errors are absent.
Postgres 12.8 on linux

It turned out that the user was removed from in pg. How is the execution of jobs related to the user and what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future when deleting users?

Thank you

Hi! How to change owner of a job? Is it enough to change the owner name in the table _timescaledb_config.bgw_job? Or is there an job/policy object somewhere whose owner I can change?
Thanks in advance

Hi @LuxCore, very interesting catch!

Probably the function was removed in cascade of dropping the user.

This should probably remove the background scheduled job as the user has gone.

Can you fill a bug regarding this undesired behavior? I think to preserve the job, you should always use a user that will be present or the timescaledb extension could at least warn that the job will not work because the function will be missing.