Is parameter "--data-checksums" recommended to be turned on?

My system is PostgreSQL 15.5 with TimeScale 2.12.2 on-prem.
Command SHOW data_checksums displays “off”.

I am reading articles:

Just wondering:

  1. How many installations have this setting “on” and how many “off”.
  2. Is it really beneficial to set it “on”?
  3. What is performance penalty for TimescaleDB database?
  4. What is default setting in cloud version of Timescale? (This will probably tell a lot).

Very interesting observation!

I don’t have all answers but I can easily imagine that it can affect the throughput as it’s a check :slight_smile:

I checked one of my cloud instances and it’s off too :white_check_mark:

I think it has one extra level of consistency that can add to your data. If your business requests such confidence, go for it.