Hyperfunctions toolkit - how to install on Windows?


At Cloud Studio, we’re very impressed with TimescaleDB and are currently running a proof of concept that we expect will allow us to migrate most of our IoT data from MS SQL Server to TimescaleDB.

While we intend to run TimescaleDB on Linux, we want to run a PoC on Windows because many of our customers have Windows-based servers, typically Windows Server 2019 on AWS EC2 instances.

Installing PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB on Windows was pretty straightforward, but the toolkit seems to be missing from that installation if one follows the instructions on the docs website. So, where can we download the toolkit and what are the steps needed to install it on Windows? I truly hope it’s not only available on Linux…

That’s all for now, congratulations on the excellent work, and thanks for any help!


Hello @ddemarco welcome to the forum and thanks for enjoying TimescaleDB :smiley:

I’ve done some research and I’m afraid there has been an issue with installing toolkit on Windows and that it hasn’t been available to date. I realize this isn’t great news. I’ll check on the current status today and find out if there are any alternative approaches.

Linux is prioritized for development, and it may be that I can’t provide a solution for you currently, unfortunately. Let’s see though – please bear with me while I investigate, it may turn out I have wrong information. I’ll also check with the team if there’s an opportunity for contributions in this area.

Hi Lorraine,

That’s very much appreciated. In the meantime, we’ll analyze other alternatives, such as running a containerized version. There will be a performance penalty, I guess, but that should be Ok for our tests. Please keep me posted if you find a more “out of the box” solution. Thanks again!

All the best,

Hello again Diego

I return but it’s not with upbeat news I’m afraid. The Toolkit depends on pgx, and that’s written for Linux.

The folks that maintain pgx are a part of the tcdi team now (ZomboDB before), and I checked in their Discord community for chatter about Windows. The long and short is that they have no plans to develop pgx for Windows.

However, I think you’re a part of a software company so I’ll continue in case there’s interest here or with someone else in the future who’s looking for the same thing :slightly_smiling_face:

  • The pgx project can be found here https://github.com/tcdi/pgx
  • Back in December 2021, comments in Discord indicated that there was no intention to port to Windows BUT that they’d accept PRs for Windows support and then maintain it once delivered
  • At that time, they estimated it would need about a month or so’s work from someone who understood Windows to port pgx.
  • The Timescale team can’t currently undertake that work as a roadmap priority, unfortunately.

If you find the idea of porting the pgx project to Windows tantalizing, I’d be happy to try to put you in touch with someone from the tcdi team (though I’m not sure what capacity they’d have for talking about it as a project). Likewise, I can probably get hold of an invite to that Discord server if that’s interesting.

Sorry I couldn’t do more here, but we’re a bit stuck.