How to restrict timescaledb AWS Kubernetes LB access

I’ve installed timescaledb single in AWS-EKS using helm chart
I’m wondering if it is possible to restrict access to the LB service to some IP CIDR blocks?
I’ve explored the values.yml file, but I haven’t found the correct value to set it (helm-charts/values.yaml at main · timescale/helm-charts · GitHub)

I’m unfortunately not super familiar with AWS, but on Azure you’d configure a firewall separately from the actual load balancer. I’d expect something similar on AWS.

As said, not super familiar with AWS, but maybe that link helps: Kubernetes Ingress with AWS ALB Ingress Controller | AWS Open Source Blog

Hi noctarius.
Thank you very much for your answer.
Yes, in AWS we can use Security Groups to limit traffic from specific sources (IPs and another SGs), by protocol and port.
The timescaledb chart, already has the ability to provision a Load Balancer.
We solved the issue adding “annotations” and “spec: loadBalancerSourceRanges” sections for “service” in the values files.