How to install Timescale DB on Window

Hello everyone, I lost two days for install Timescale DB on window, i search a lot on Google and Youtube but i can not find any tutorial for install Timescale. I hope someone in here who has experienced can make an video for help newbie to install Timescale. Thank you everyone.

Welcome @tnbt ! I can imagine how you feel about not achieving success on the task.

what error are you getting?

Probably you’re already familiar with the windows installation guide.

Have you tried via docker?

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I try to install on local Window. Your tutorial about Self-host on Timescale doc is missing something. I follow it but can not setup. Fortunately, I’ve already setup success by using chatGPT. Thank my friend answer me.

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I hear you! Good that it worked! Any insights on how to make our docs better will be very useful!