How to create new database in cloud trial

Hello all,
I am trying some poc on timescale to migrate my older workload on it, for that i need to make some tables so i can restore backup from plan text postgres backup. But i am not able to create new table with error tsdb_admin: database archiver is not an allowed database name
HINT: Contact your administrator to configure the “tsdb_admin.allowed_databases” please help, also one small question, is it possible that someone else including timescale itself can read the data which i upload on trial version instance. Thank you

Hi @varun_kumar , suddenly you cannot change the database name on Timescale cloud for now. If you can just replace the database name in your scripts, probably you’ll be able to migrate successfully. I’d also encourage you to take a look at Timescale Hypershift as a migration tool that will make it easy to migrate.