How can I get timescaledb community edition?


Rocky 8 Linux
Postgresql 15
Zabbix 6.0

I installed timescaledb 2.11.2 version
However postgresql extension still shows like it is apache licence edition:

Enables scalable inserts and complex queries for time-series data (Apache 2 Edition)

I have checked eveyrwhere, and I cannot seem to find timescaledb community edition.
The problem I have with apache 2 edition:


Hi Raul, I see this was qualified as a bug. Seems like both editions are available in the package. Can you confirm what package you installed?

Seems also related to the question that you’re already interacting.

How can I enable TSL extension for postgresql then ?
Should there be different package for TSL and apache licence or not ?

I tried both. One from postgresql repo and then from packagecloud repo as well.


As far as I understood the script, it seems there’s a package per license as they have different building params.

name: APT ${{ matrix.image }} PG${{ }} ${{ matrix.license }}

I got what you mean and I think this is a real packaging issue. Let’s wait for the team to answer in the github issue.

Ok, thanks. Let’s wait for them to react. Hope they will soon.

Also, is there a possibility that the issue is not present in earlier versions ? (is it even possible to verify that ? I mean, I have environment set up, and I probably can test some other versions as well)


I think we can verify early versions by downloading the previous ones from the packages. Give a try and let us know if you discover anything.