Help us take TimescaleDB docs to the next level

If you’ve used our technical documentation and have an opinion, we’d love for you to share it. We’re on a mission to make our docs as good as they can be. We’d love to hear what you like about our docs and what you’d like us to change.

So the team has created a short survey which shouldn’t take long to complete, and are ready to be influenced by your thoughts. The docs subsite can be found at

Meanwhile given that the title of this post is Help us take TimescaleDB docs to the next level

Contribute to open source

You don’t have to be a coder to make contributions to open source projects. Working on documentation is a great way to start your contributions. Our docs are managed through a GitHub repo and anyone can submit a pull request to update them. If you spot an error on a docs page or have a suggestion for a great improvement on an explanation, why not try updating the page yourself? Take a look at the repo:

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