Help upgrading self-hosted version

Hi, I hope I can find some help here. I’m new to TimescaleDB and don’t know how to upgrade the current version I’m running with the latest release. Due to my lack of knowledge, maybe I took the wrong path when I installed it the first time. Let me explain better the scenario.

I had a working PostgreSQL docker container working, version 16.1. When timescale version 2.14 was launched, I installed it on the running docker container following a guide I found, compiling it from source (git clone, bootstrap, make install method). I thought I had installed version 2.14.0 but it seems that version was 2.14.0-dev. When I try to do the same compile source procedure to update to version 2.14.2, the alter extension timescale update command replies that there is no update path from version “2.14.0-dev” to “2.14.2”.

Can someone help me exit the ‘-dev’ path and join the releases one?

Also, as a bonus question, having a working database with production tables and everything, is the way I’m updating it the right one? or does spinning up a new container, and pinpointing the same data volumes and paths should work?

Thanks in advance!