Getting a function _timescaledb_internal.insert_blocker() warning is deprecated when inserting data


TimescaleDB version: 2.12.2
PostgreSQL version: pg14
Other software:
OS: Ubuntu
Install method: via apt install
Environment: Hetzner server

I.m encountering the following error when doing a basic sql insert into a table. Im running this insert from the psql command line.

WARNING: function _timescaledb_internal.insert_blocker() is deprecated and has been moved to _timescaledb_functions schema. this compatibility function will be removed in a future version.

and then returns an EOF error.



Hey @aoshi ,
I had the same message while I was trying to move data with pg_dump and restore from a PG14 to a PG16 instance.
I’m not sure it’s the same issue as you but I’ll post the solution in case that helps.

What finally worked is to create the tables manually (with CREATE statements), convert them to hypertables and then copy the data. I used pgsync to copy but I suppose a simple \copy would have worked.