Fetch record from hypertable

I’m try to learn about TimescaleDB Hypertable.
I have a hypertable which contains millions of historical data.
Now I want to fetch it by year or need to fetch all of record without filtering any column.
Which is the best way for fetch record from Hypertables.
Here’s the sample of my hypertables

I think you can query your data in batches and paginate so it will depend on how are you going to process it. Can you share more details about what are you going to do with your data?

Because maybe you could use the toolkit extension to get some calculus done inside the db and save some bandwidth instead of processing everything in your favorite programming language.

Also, if you can share more details of what programming language and frameworks, maybe we can have a more accurate answer for your question.

Actually I need to export these data into file.
I have historical data for last 30years. Now I want to export these data by years. The data quantity is around 30-50millions.
Here I’m using golang gorm package for connect timescaledb.

I’d build a script to export year/month in a single batch and then union them later or just load them together after I have all the files.

I found this example using go that maybe useful for you.