Do PostgreSQL partition setting have any effect on TimescaleDB?

In postgreSQL v15.4 there are the following partitioning settings, that have effect on optimizing table partitioning query “explain plan”:

Bellow settings can be on or off:


Do those settings have any effect on TimescaleDb v2.12.0 self-hosted? If yes, is there recommendation to turn them on?

Hi @ts101, I couldn’t find anything about pruning, but I found a few tests about partitionwise_aggregate:

and join:

It seems we have a test covering such behavior change, but I’m not sure how to interpret it. I asked some help from other folks that are contributing to core database. Let’s see if they can also give some insights.

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Hi @ts101, I confirmed with the core database developers and it seems the latest versions none of them are compatible.

latest versions (2.12+) the enable_partitionwise_aggregate no longer affects timescaledb behaviour, we usually have our own GUCs to control timescaledb behaviour.