Create_hypetable with if_not_exists => true throws error

When I run create_hypertable() using if_not_exists => TRUE in PostgreSQL Version 13.3 and TimescaleDB 2.2.1, I see the expected behavior of warning suppression. When I run the same command in PostgreSQL 14.4 and TimescaleDB 2.7.1, the command throws an error. Is this is a bug?

Maybe… can you please share the error message?

Hi @NC_DBA , for some reason I lost your reply notification. It seems your table has already data inside.

If you want to convert it to hypertable, also add , migrate_data => true to the arguments as the error message says.

SELECT create_hypertable('alarmlog', 'AlarmActive', migrate_data => true, if_not_exists => true);