Continuous Aggregates questions

Hi, I am creating a continuous aggregate on a pretty big table, about 2 billion rows. It seems that the continuous aggregate takes almost the rest of the free space of this disk to make the aggregate, which has been running for half a day now. This continuous aggregate parses JSON besides aggregation operations on many columns, so i’d say it’s a complex aggregate as on what it does and the number of columns. Will this take my entire disk until it collapses ? Does the disk space its taking gets freed afterwards ? Is there any general recommendation about dealing with large tables when doing aggregates ? Also, what is a common strategy to model complex aggregates ? Is there a way to test without having to do the aggregate with the entire table ? For example, make an aggregate only over a year period ?Thanks

Hi @MasterKraft, that’s a very common issue for big stuff like yours :nerd_face:

Create the materialized view WITH NO DATA and just paginate the refreshes.

Make your calls to refresh_continuous_aggregates in a time window that your hardware can manage. Think about like 1 week or 1 month and keep sequentially upgrading. Every call will have better management of the memory and cpu resources. Short and more efficient reads and locks :slight_smile:

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Hey Jonatas. Thanks, the way I am doing it is to initially create the view with a shorter time-frame to compute the test views, this seems to work ok.

I will note your recommendation about the refreshes, still not there but thank you for your input as usual

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Hi Jonatas, I’m back :slight_smile:

After some testing it’s time to do this. Just to make sure :

What you meant is to create first the continuous aggregate without data, and then :

CALL refresh_continuous_aggregate(‘conditions’, ‘2020-01-01’, ‘2020-02-01’);

Call refresh like this sequentially, for example month by month until the last timestamp on the hypertable, correct ?

EDIT : @jonatasdp got it, it’s working nicely now. Thanks for your help

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Very good @MasterKraft!

You got it :tada: :dancing_women: