Compression not starting

I am running Postgresql 14.4 with Timescale 2.10, selfhosted.
Compression license key is set to CommunityLicense.
I have created 7 hypertables, with partitioning, but I am not able to start the compression job.

The tables is created this way:
create table(…);
select create_hypertable(<table_name>, ‘clock’, chunk_time_interval => 86400, migrate_data => true);

The 7 tables holds 400 GB of data in total, but nothing is compressed.

SELECT _timescaledb_internal.start_background_workers();
This does nothing, no job background job is started, checked with:

The database has been restarted recently, and this was logged after the restart:
LOG: TimescaleDB background worker launcher connected to shared catalogs

What am I missing ?

Have you used add_compress_chunks_policy?