Cannot launch docker container

I have a Docker container (based on timescale/timescaledb-ha:pg14-latest) that I start like this:

docker run -d --name timescaledb -p \
-v /Users/<me>/timescaledb-data:/home/postgres/pgdata/data \
-e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres timescale/timescaledb-ha:pg14-latest

Today, on trying to run this script, Docker complains:

2023-11-05 19:43:48 2023-11-05 19:43:48.439 UTC [1] FATAL:  data directory "/home/postgres/pgdata/data" has wrong ownership
2023-11-05 19:43:48 2023-11-05 19:43:48.439 UTC [1] HINT:  The server must be started by the user that owns the data directory.

I have changed nothing since I successfully launched it yesterday. I have now of course tried to reset the permissions on that folder.

This is on macOS 14.2 with Docker Desktop 4.25.0 (126437)

I am not even sure what the error indicates. Is it referring to the PostgreSQL server?

Hi Mark, it seems related to the destiny folder. Can you confirm you granted the right permissions. Seems very similar to this pg question: Permission issue with PostgreSQL in docker container - Stack Overflow