Can I implement HA in Azure?

Hi there, first post here. I’m migrating my db from influx to timescale due to HA capability. However, I’m confused if I’m planning to use it correctly. Some guidance are really welcome.

I have 10 RPi in different sites measuring and storing different sensor data. Those sites have poor internet connection. Today, I just backup the database and check it from time to time.

Basically, 10 local databases

Migrating to timescale, I will have 10 locally timescaledb, but I want to configure high availability to keep those 10 db in sync with cloud when connection is ok. Merging those db I will be able to access everything in one single place and with some “almost” live measurements.

My first question is: is my interpretation of HA correct?

Besides, I have an Azure account, in which I can open a postgre db to configure the HA. However, I don’t know if it will preserve the hypertable chuck. Do I need a timescaledb in Azure in order to work?