CAgg does not use indexes when materialized_only = false

Hi dear TSDB Team!
Could you tell me why newly created CAgg with materialized_only with default value false does not use the indexes? Indexes are used after switch on the option materialized_only to true.
Is this a bug or not?
In regard to this situation I had to shift watermark to the future on first day of next month (2022-11-01).

TSDB v.2.8.1

Thanks in advance
Best regards,

Hey @LuxCore!

Can you provide a few more details? Like what is the DDL of the Continuous Aggregate and what is the query you’re trying to run. An execution plan, executed as explain verbose, buffers, analyze would also be super helpful.

If an index is used or not heavily depends on the query planner’s decisions, such as “would using an index really speed the query up?”.