Benefits of TimescaleDB as a database?

What are the ways in which TimescaleDB can be utilized to store and manage time-series data on a product website, such as MODULARE? Are there any benefits to using TimescaleDB as a database for a product website?

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I couldn’t find exactly what is the modulare website, but I’ll assume it’s selling some product online.

Every human interaction with the website can generate a event in the system, like a person clicked on a link, or scrolled a page. Every event can be considered a timeseries data.

Timescaledb has a powerful time series engine. The main features are:

  1. Hypertables can partition data by the time column - Timescale allow you to create the “hypertable” which automatically create new partitions monthly or any interval you want to use.
  2. The partitions are named chunks and they’re independent tables that host the data partially depending on the time column.
  3. The chunks can be compressed and save you like 95% of storage.
    If you store any human interaction with your system, it will probably happen at a specific point in time, which can be your timestamp column. Any data that contains a time column, can be considered time series data.

Any time series data will benefit from a smart long term storage like timescaledb offers.

There are much more that you can learn in our docs and official blog.