Be sure that job offers and listings are authentic

We’ve been made aware of scammers claiming to be representatives of Timescale making “job offers” to unwitting targets.

The only official Careers page for Timescale is and the only emails from us originate from our domain.

Our jobs are hosted on the Greenhouse platform, and our job listings are located under the “timescale” folder. Like this one, for example, Job Application for Senior Developer Advocate at Timescale

The Timescale interview process always includes at least one of our senior management team.

If you have received a “job offer” and haven’t met at least of the team face-to-face via Zoom, please contact us at before providing any bank account information.

We have contacted the domain registrars for the suspect sites and informed them of the ongoing situation. We hope to have those domains shut down soon as well.

Timescale is not the only company to be targeted in this way. Please be safe and err on the side of caution. We will never hold it against any candidate going through a legitimate interview process if they requested more proof of who we are.