Backfilling from aggregated csv data

Hey. I think I saw it somewhere, but cannot find now. I have a couple of jobs that need to be done:

  1. Backfill aggregated data on a new continuous aggregate. So I have a cagg, for which I don’t have raw data anymore, but have aggregated data (csv). How do I insert that data into cagg?
  2. Backfill an existing continuous aggregate. I have another cagg, which is active and aggregating data from raw data source. However, old data on compressed chunks is missing/not valid. How to backfill it?
  1. There’s no easy way to make it. Insert data back to the hypertable, you can use a fractal algorithm if you need more sample of your data. We have a open issue for it.

  2. Can you elaborate on what errors do you have? I think you’ll make a similar backfill as in the item 1.