AWS services you can use with Timescale Cloud

Timescale Cloud is built to serve developers building time series, events, and analytics applications on AWS. :cloud: You can integrate it into your existing AWS infrastructure, combining it with other AWS tools to save development time.

To get some inspiration, check out this blog post. We tell you about 8 AWS services that are popular among Timescale Cloud customers:

:point_right: Amazon VPC

:point_right: AWS Lambda

:point_right: AWS IoT Core

:point_right: AWS IoT Greengrass

:point_right: Amazon QuickSight

:point_right: Amazon CloudWatch

:point_right: AWS Managed Service for Apache Kafka

:point_right: Amazon S3

In the blog post, you’ll find links to plenty of resources that will help get started with those tools, including instructions on how to integrate them with Timescale Cloud.

Is there any other AWS tool you’re using with Timescale Cloud (and loving)? Share it with the community in a reply to this post! :fire: It’ll be great to hear your experience and you’ll be helping your fellow developers too!

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