Alma8 postgresql13 with timescaledb-2.10 failed

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It’s blocked for a few months, could any one help?

Hi @Chen_Jasper, I don’t think we have specific packages for alma8 but it’s a linux so you can build your package directly fetching the repository and building the image.

You can also use docker to isolate it. If you’re interested in contributing with this and if you build any automation, feel free to submit a patch to our CI, maybe it can become part of our official builds later!

Here are a few links that can help you:

The workflows contains several examples like apt packages and then you can get inspired by this to build the specifics for alma8.

You can also suggest it as a feature adding a new issue and if more people vote on it probably the team will prioritize the task.

Also, investigating more, I see that Almalinux is compatible with redhat and you can use the rhel image. So you can use our official images available in the instructions here.