Adding \ removing datanodes in a kubernetes setup

I have deployed a multinode setup on Kubernetes using the helm chart. Is there any way by which I can increase\decrease the data node by modifying the configuration?

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Identified resolution for above-mentioned question.

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Hi @Mohammed_Iliyas_pate so sorry I missed your question, I’ve been away. :mask:

Would love if you could share how you solved the issue it might well help other users :pray: if you have time

@LorraineP : I will happy to share comments on this.

Data nodes can be increased by configuring value.yaml at the time of helm chart installation.
dataNodes: 3
( timescaledb-kubernetes/values.yaml at master · timescale/timescaledb-kubernetes (

Here the current limitations\features such as adding nodes/removing/reattaching will still applicable.
Refer below discussion on adding/reattching nodes discussion from the post.
( Add new node or reattaching node after creating distributable hype table - TimescaleDB and PostgreSQL - Timescale Community Forum)

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You’re awesome! I’ll mark this for our docs team to review, too, so they can decide if to incorporate it into the main documentation.

Thank you! :star_struck:

Hi @LorraineP We did have this information in the documentation about the various parameters that you can set in the values.yaml file: However, specifically for adding or removing nodes I updated the instructions in the documentation in the following PR: