About the TimescaleDB and PostgreSQL category

For topics related to the installation and use of TimescaleDB including broader questions about PostgreSQL.

Ask questions in this top-level category if:

  • You want to discuss if TimescaleDB meets your use case
  • You need to clarify your understanding of the TimescaleDB docs
  • You’d like help with the installation and set up of TimescaleDB
  • You’ve encountered an error and need to know how to deal with it – choose the errors subcategory
  • You’d like to share what you’re doing with TimescaleDB with other community members
  • You have some thoughts on how we could make TimescaleDB even more awesome than it already is :star_struck:


Of course, lots of people reading these posts have fantastic experience with PostgreSQL, too! If you have questions about PostgreSQL and SQL, feel free to ask here too!