Getting Started with Timescale and Defining Best Practices

In this webinar, we cover the internals of TimescaleDB and its partitioning mechanisms, as well as what hypertables and chunks are and why they’re integral to achieving better performance for time-series data.

We also walk through how to get started with TimescaleDB, covering installation, configuration, and basic data modeling. Finally, we share best practices gleaned from our community on how to get the best performance when inserting and querying data.

Use this webinar to jumpstart your journey with TimescaleDB.

About the speaker

David Kohn

Software Engineer at Timescale

After a B.S. in Environmental Engineering at Yale, founding an electrochemistry startup, joining a battery startup, and doing crazy things with Postgres for Moat (an ad-analytics company), David joined Timescale to focus on research and development. He also cooks, does pottery and builds furniture.