WebinarWhat the Heck is Time-Series Data?

WebinarWhat the Heck is Time-Series Data?

With the rise of the IoT, many applications have emerged that rely on a specific form of data that measures how things change over time. This data is commonly known as time-series, and in the past 24 months, time-series specific databases (TSDBs) have remained the fastest growing category of databases.

During this webinar, we discuss time-series data, when to use it, and the most effective way to store it. We consider scalability, as well as usability, and ultimately help you decide if a time-series database is the right fit for your use case.

About the speaker

Avthar Sewrathan
Growth Manager @ Timescale

Avthar is a Growth Manager at Timescale, where he works at the intersection of engineering, marketing and product, helping developers leverage the power of time-series data.

Avthar graduated with B.S.E in Computer Science from Princeton University. He previously co-founded a crypto-enabled social network that gave people more privacy and control over their data.

He is also passionate about learning, health and fitness, and self development.