WebinarWhat the Heck is Time-Series Data?

WebinarWhat the Heck is Time-Series Data?

With the rise of the IoT, many applications have emerged that rely on a specific form of data that measures how things change over time. This data is commonly known as time-series, and in the past 24 months, time-series specific databases (TSDBs) have remained the fastest growing category of databases.

In this talk, we discuss time-series data, when to use it, and the most effective way to store it. We consider scalability, as well as usability, and ultimately break down the question of if a time-series database is right for you.

About the speaker

Ajay Kulkarni
CEO and Co-founder @ Timescale

Ajay is the CEO and Co-founder of TimescaleDB, an open-source time-series database packaged as an extension of PostgreSQL. Ajay's previous startup, communication data analysis company Sensobi, was acquired in 2011 by GroupMe/Skype/Microsoft. Ajay led the mobile team at GroupMe, which grew to millions of daily users and billions of monthly messages over a short period of time. His past experience includes roles at Microsoft, Citigroup, and several startups. He holds Bachelors, Masters degrees from MIT in Computer Science, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.