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WebinarMigrating Your Workload from InfluxDB to TimescaleDB using Outflux


Migrating Your Workload from InfluxDB to TimescaleDB using Outflux

Watch this webinar to learn how you can seamlessly migrate your data workload from InfluxDB to TimescaleDB. During the video, we:

  • Discuss why we built Outflux and how it works
  • Provide an overview of the benefits you get when switching to TimescaleDB
  • Demonstrate how you can get started with your migration

We encourage anyone who is either in the process of, or considering, switching from InfluxDB to TimescaleDB to take a look.

About the speaker

Blagoj Atanasovski

Software Engineer at Timescale

Blagoj is part of the engineering team at Timescale, with experience in backend development for data intensive applications and databases. He was a key player in the Outflux design and development team.

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