WebinarLeveraging TimescaleDB Enterprise Within Your Organization

WebinarLeveraging TimescaleDB Enterprise Within Your Organization

View this webinar to learn about how TimescaleDB Enterprise can transform your organization's approach to time-series data management. In this webinar, we will:

  • Explore the different TimescaleDB product offerings
  • Provide a deep dive into enterprise product capabilities, including automated reordering and data retention
  • Discuss our support offerings for TimescaleDB Enterprise users
  • Share how users can best utilize TimescaleDB features within a sample IoT use case

Attendees will get a sneak peek into our upcoming roadmap, which includes soon-to-be released continuous aggregations.

About the speaker

Diana Hsieh
Head of Product at Timescale

Diana wrangles product and customer success at Timescale. Prior to Timescale, she was a PM at another open source database company based in New York. She has worked with tech companies for most of her career, starting out on the financial services side supporting and investing in enterprise startups.