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WebinarLeveraging TimescaleDB and Azure PostgreSQL for Your IoT Workloads


Leveraging TimescaleDB and Azure PostgreSQL for Your IoT Workloads

Tune in to learn how you can get started with TimescaleDB on Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Enabling TimescaleDB allows IoT organizations to leverage the insights hidden in machine generated data to build new features, automate processes, and drive efficiency.

TimescaleDB offers valuable performance characteristics on top of PostgreSQL, which is particularly useful for IoT applications that need both relational features and scalability. Running TimescaleDB on Azure Database for PostgreSQL offers users a fully managed experience integrated with the entire Azure Database ecosystem.

In this webinar, we:

  • Share the benefits that you can get from using TimescaleDB on Azure PostgreSQL
  • Explain why combining TimescaleDB with Azure PostgreSQL is a perfect fit for IoT workloads
  • Talk about specific TimescaleDB features that users can leverage to power IoT workloads

About the speakers

Jeff Sposetti

Products @ Timescale

Jeff has spent the past 25 years building and delivering enterprise products with some of the best open source companies in the industry. Most recently, Jeff was VP Cloud Products at Hortonworks, where he spent the past seven years helping enterprises harness the cloud for their data analytic workloads powered by open source technologies. Previously, he held product leadership roles at VMware and BEA Systems, and is a recovering entrepreneur.

Rachel Agyemang

Program Manager @ Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Rachel has been working on open source software for three years. Currently, she’s part of the open source team at Microsoft and focuses on building Azure’s Postgres service.

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