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WebinarHow to Use DevOps Monitoring Data to Improve System Stability


How to Use DevOps Monitoring Data to Improve System Stability

Most of today’s IT operations and monitoring dashboards are concerned with information that represents the current status of things. If an incident were to occur, having that information readily available is critical for remediation. However, to answer more complex questions like what are our customers experiencing and are we meeting our SLA, it is critical to have a window into what has happened in the past. Not only do you want to have a long term and scalable place to store historical monitoring data, but what you choose to do with that data has the power to impact your business for years to come.

During the course of the video we:

  • Provide context on why historical monitoring data collection is so important
  • Discuss how you can use TimescaleDB and PostgreSQL as a long-term data store for your historical monitoring metrics as an extension for Prometheus
  • Showcase real-world situations of how you can leverage TimescaleDB historical monitoring data to inform decision making

After watching the recording, you will be able to create a fast and cost effective repository for your historical monitoring data that you can use to solve problems for your use case.

About the speaker

Bob Boule

Senior Product Manager at Timescale

Bob has been working with database technologies and open source for the last 15 years, working as a solution architect and product manager helping software companies at all stages of growth (from pre-revenue through exit) bringing products to market and evolving existing product offerings.

Bob was most recently responsible for one of the worlds largest open source software lookup, identification, and vulnerability services (tracking 3.5 million projects in real time).

Bob is a graduate of Westfield State University, where he played hockey, and he has a passion for technology, spending his off hours playing with and learning new tech.

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