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WebinarHow to Reduce Your Database Total Cost of Ownership with TimescaleDB


How to Reduce Your Database Total Cost of Ownership with TimescaleDB

Looking to minimize costs or get more from your database investments?

See what's new in TimescaleDB 1.5, including how to use native compression and data tiering to significantly improve your database performance – and tightly manage costs.

During this video, you will:

  • See how native compression allows you to store more data in less actual storage
  • Understand how to use move chunks to optimize performance and cut costs
  • Hear how TimescaleDB users get 20x compression ratios
  • Learn about the resources and best practices you need to get started

About the speaker

Bob Boule

Senior Product Manager at Timescale

Bob has been working with database technologies and open source for the last 15 years, working as a solution architect and product manager helping software companies at all stages of growth (from pre-revenue through exit) bringing products to market and evolving existing product offerings.

Bob was most recently responsible for one of the worlds largest open source software lookup, identification, and vulnerability services (tracking 3.5 million projects in real time).

Bob is a graduate of Westfield State University, where he played hockey, and he has a passion for technology, spending his off hours playing with and learning new tech.

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