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WebinarHow to Analyze Your Prometheus Data in SQL: 3 Queries You Need to Know


How to Analyze Your Prometheus Data in SQL: 3 Queries You Need to Know

Using off-the-shelf monitoring solutions, but considering rolling your own to get the metrics and insight you need? We’ve been there.

What if you could keep your Prometheus metrics forever (almost), never run out of disk space, and use SQL to write custom queries? You can!

Join Avthar, Timescale Developer Advocate and time-series expert, as he explains why and how to use Timescale and PostgreSQL to store and analyze your Prometheus metrics - immediately and as a long-term data store.

We’ll focus on code and step-by-step demos, not theory, so you leave with concrete ideas and the resources you need to take your analysis of Prometheus metrics to the next level.

During the session, you’ll:

  • Learn why PostgreSQL + Timescale is the ultimate long term store for Prometheus metrics (and why you need a long-term store in the first place)
  • Set up aggregates to rollup hourly and daily summaries of your metrics
  • Create automated downsampling rules to keep metrics around, without wasting disk space
  • See 3 common monitoring queries that you can use and customize right away

We’ll have experts on hand to answer your questions, and we’ll send the recording, resources, and demos to all registrants, so you can kickstart your time-series journey.

Sign up even if you’re unable to attend live - you’ll receive all resources via email shortly following the session.

We hope to see you soon!

About the speaker

Avthar Sewrathan

Developer Advocate @ Timescale

Avthar is passionate about empowering people through technology. That's why he loves being a Developer Advocate at Timescale, where he helps engineers leverage the power of time-series data to analyze the past, monitor the present, and predict and plan for the future.

Originally from a small town in South Africa, Avthar lived in Costa Rica before earning a CS degree from Princeton University. He previously co-founded a crypto-enabled social network that gave people more privacy and control over their data.

He's also fanatical about learning how to learn, the journey of mastery and how we can all be our best selves.

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