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WebinarAnalyzing a Real-World Time-Series Dataset with the Latest TimescaleDB Features


Analyzing a Real-World Time-Series Dataset with the Latest TimescaleDB Features

There are many challenges to building a robust system for time-series data management and analytics - and your database should help you out. In this demo, we demonstrate a system for managing and analyzing MTA Bus Time data, recently built with Timescale 1.2.

We consider the engineering challenges (data ingest, database administration, and application development), and how Timescale’s features enable a solution. Additionally, we take a closer look at writing performant geospatial and time-series SQL queries to drive historical and real-time mapping applications.

About the speaker

Matthew Perry

Software Engineer @ Timescale

Matthew Perry has been building data-intensive applications since 2003, from web applications to distributed processing systems. He has an MSc from Humboldt State University in Natural Resource Planning with an certificate of study in Geographic Information Systems. Offline, he can be found enjoying maps, animated tv shows, elaborate lego sets, experimental cooking, and exploring the trails of Colorado.

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