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Timescale Cloud is built to handle the scale and complexity of time series data to give you high performance, faster development, and lower storage costs.

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Why use Timescale Cloud for my time series data?

Timescale Cloud is designed to manage large datasets with high ingest rates, fast queries, and better data compression, and includes built-in functions that are critical for valuable time series data analysis.

  • Supercharge performance

    Get 10-100x faster time series queries than vanilla PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, and MongoDB with automatic time-based partitioning and indexing. Give your users answers in milliseconds, not minutes with Timescale Cloud’s continuous aggregates.

  • Build faster

    Scale PostgreSQL for time series, events, and analytics with automatic time-based partitioning and indexing, incrementally-updated materialized views, columnar compression, and time series hyperfunctions.

  • Scale efficiently

    Get 90+% storage savings via columnar compression. Seamlessly tier data into consumption-based object storage, while still querying tiered data in SQL.

Who uses Timescale Cloud?

Timescale Cloud is created for any industry or use case with time series data. Here are a few.


Record device temperatures and other operational metrics, from smart factories to controlling nuclear fusion experiments. Make better decisions through real-time dashboards and historical data analysis.


Track the impact of world events on the price of stocks, cryptocurrencies and other financial assets in real time. Analyze the historical behavior of assets to spot trends and inform trading strategies.

Web3 and blockchain

Analyze real-time cryptocurrency price movements, activity on blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana, and trends in NFT trading over time.

Application monitoring

See how mobile application usage varies over time as new features are released. Understand users better by segmenting them by their in-app activity.


Keep the software services we rely on running without interruption by tracking operational metrics for servers, networks, applications, environments, and more, spotting anomalies and responding to incidents in real-time.

“Our SmartCast Link appliance uses TimescaleDB to collect sensor readings from IoT-enabled lighting products. From our experience, TimescaleDB is uniquely positioned in the time-series database market as the only serious player that scales while natively supporting a robust, proven SQL engine.”

Shane O’Donnell, IoT Data Architect at Cree

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