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In less than a year, TimescaleDB completely eliminated the need for us to maintain our own database scaling logic. With deep hooks into the query planner it accelerates our real-world analytic queries without any additional effort, allowing us to answer more questions faster than ever.

Sean Wallace, Software Engineer, Cray

From our experience, TimescaleDB is uniquely positioned in the time-series database market as the only serious player that scales while natively supporting a robust, proven SQL engine. Timescale’s dedication to support may be the best I’ve seen from an open source project.

Shane O’Donnell, IoT Data Architect, Cree

Not only are we are able to insert large quantities of sensor data into our Timescale database every second but also it is very straightforward for all members of the team to query the data. The recent addition of continuous aggregates to TimescaleDB has further simplified our work and monitoring, visualizing and analyzing our data is now much easier. We are huge fans of TimescaleDB and would highly recommend it. If you already have experience with relational databases, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Michael Allman, Head of Data Science, Grillo

We researched a number of different options to store and analyze the variety of metrics data we collect. Ultimately, we decided TimescaleDB, with the flexibility and reliability of PostgreSQL, was the best option. We're so happy with the results we're seeing from TimescaleDB that we're in the process of deploying it in other areas across our organization.

Dan Small, Performance Engineering, Nutanix

When I first got my hands on TimescaleDB, it’s sheer speed and the fact that it was a PostgreSQL extension was enough to impress me big time. For those looking to use TimescaleDB, you don’t have to be afraid of performance degradation normally associated with PostgreSQL clusters. TimescaleDB scales with you and your project.

Tamihiro Lee, Network Engineer, SAKURA internet

TimescaleDB solves our customers’ requirements for long data retention times, traceability in critical installations, data availability both in our own client tools and in third party reporting and BI systems. With the addition of TimescaleDB, we feel confident that we are providing a flexible architecture that meets our customers needs.

Ulf Magnusson, Senior Product Manager, Digital Buildings, Schneider Electric

With our previous database infrastructure centered around MySQL, we were facing slow querying rates and limited storage capabilities. Switching to TimescaleDB was an obvious choice. It was extremely easy to get up and running since it is a PostgreSQL extension and it fit right into our existing infrastructure. With TimescaleDB we can store large quantities of data with ease and have seen substantial increases in query performance.

Pedro Albuquerque, Senior Database Engineer, Wise

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