Scalable Prometheus Monitoring

Cost savings of up to 94 %

  • Full Prometheus support
  • Full PromQL compliance
  • Scale to millions of series
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Cost savings of up to 94 % with Timescale Cloud

Timescale Cloud is a highly scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient time-series database built on PostgreSQL. By combining it with Promscale, our connector for Prometheus, you will achieve significant cost savings compared to managed Prometheus offerings from AWS, GCP, and Grafana. Additionally, you will benefit from its flexible data management capabilities, allowing you to reduce your costs even further.

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Timescale Cloud vs. Managed Prometheus Alternatives - % Cost Savings

Custom default retention

Keep your data only for as long as you need and save on storage costs.

Per-metric retention

Increase the retention period only for the handful of metrics you need for long-term analysis to reduce your storage costs.

Delete unneeded metrics

With our APIs to delete metrics and series, you won’t have to pay to store metrics you no longer need or that were added by mistake.

Scale your observability with confidence

The built-in Prometheus database doesn’t scale well as your adoption grows with multiple instances and large data volumes. With Timescale Cloud and Promscale, you get a centralized, scalable, and managed Prometheus-compatible monitoring service.

First-class Prometheus support

All the features you need with 100 % PromQL compliance, Grafana integration, PromQL alerts and recording rules, exemplars, Prometheus high availability and multi-tenancy.

Flexible storage

Configurable downsampling and retention policies, including per-metric retention. Backfill and delete data as needed. Pick the query language that better fits your needs, PromQL or SQL.

Rock-solid foundation

Built on the maturity of PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB with millions of instances worldwide. A trusted system that offers scalability, high availability, replication, and data integrity.

Tracing support

Simplify your stack with a unified storage for metrics and traces. With native support for Jaeger and OpenTelemetry traces, you can correlate metrics and traces and troubleshoot problems faster.

Not just for DevOps and SRE

Timescale Cloud displays real-time insights from your metrics inside the tools you are already using to understand your business performance: Tableau, Sisense, Superset, or any of the hundreds of tools that are compatible with PostgreSQL and SQL.

Bring real-time critical metrics like uptime, SLOs/SLIs, performance and product metrics to your organization's business dashboards.

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