From observation to understanding.

Promscale is the versatile platform for Prometheus and other observability data, built on the rock-solid, proven foundation of TimescaleDB and PostgreSQL.

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Team Promscale @ PromCon Online 2021

Check out the recordings and slides from our PromCon 2021 keynote presentation and lightning talk. (If you attended, we hope you had as much fun as we did. 🔥)

Fun and Games: Using Prometheus to aggregate disparate metric data formats at a major gaming company

Speaker: Matvey Arye

Migrating Prometheus data between different storage systems

Speaker: Harkishen Singh

PromQL + SQL = 💪

Promscale gives you the best of both worlds.

Promscale is versatile. Ask any question, create any dashboard, and achieve greater visibility into your systems, with the combined power of PromQL and SQL.

Flow chart
Flow chart

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