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Your metrics and traces in one data store

Promscale is the observability backend for Prometheus and OpenTelemetry data backed by PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB

Find Team Promscale @ PromCon North America 2021

Stop by Timescale booth (#S76) at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America or join the Timescale virtual booth to chat with Promscale engineers, see Promscale in action, and get cool swag!

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Lightning talk: Transactional Remote-write and Why You Should Care

Harkishen Singh, Software Engineer, Timescale

11:55 AM - 12 PM PDT

Ecosystem Tools to Select the Best Remote Storage Solution

Mat Arye, Observability Eng Lead, Timescale

3:55 PM - 4:10 PM PDT

Lightning Talk: Learning from Cortex to Improve Promscale HA

Mat Arye, Observability Eng Lead, Timescale

4:40 PM - 4:45 PM PDT

Check out our virtual talks from PromCon Online EU 2021

Fun and Games: Using Prometheus to aggregate disparate metric data formats at a major gaming company

Matvey Arye

Migrating Prometheus data between different storage systems

Harkishen Singh

Get unparalleled insights, faster

With full SQL and PromQL support

Promscale is versatile. Ask any question, create any dashboard, and achieve greater visibility into your systems, with the combined power of PromQL and SQL.

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Flow chart

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Join 7000+ helpful folks in the TimescaleDB Slack community including the dedicated #promscale channel with 2500+ members. Ask questions, discuss solutions, and get help directly from other practitioners and the Promscale and Timescale teams.

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