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PostgreSQL made powerful for all your time-series needs.

PostgreSQL for time-series analytics

  • Build everything on one database
  • Get faster queries using less compute
  • Compress data without sacrificing performance
  • View insights on performance, queries, and more
  • Reduce storage with automated retention policies


Faster queries using less compute

Modern databases are fast, but how many are fast while using less compute?

Timescale can write millions of data points per second without giving up flexibility. It transparently converts recent rows to columnar storage and delivers millisecond-response times across historical data and complex aggregate queries.

This advanced approach to compression requires fewer resources while giving you responsive queries and applications. And it's all built on 100% PostgreSQL.

Faster queries using less compute


Increased analytic query performance with compression

Compression usually leads to performance losses. Usually.

Timescale employs advanced type-specific compression algorithms that save anywhere from 80% to 95% on storage space—without dropping performance. In fact, it often improves it.

As your workloads grow, you can scale query capacity with read replicas and connection pools. You can also dynamically scale compute independently, and easily store 100 TBs across tiers and still query them as standard SQL tables.

Increased analytic query performance with compression


Control costs with no concessions, so you can grow your application not your spend

With Timescale, if you don't use it, you don't pay for it.

Usage-based storage, automated data retention policies, continuous aggregation, and other features help you control how much storage you use. You can also tier data to bottomless object storage to further reduce your storage footprint and costs. Dynamic compute and custom optimizations for time-series data and analytics make it easy for you to increase performance while using fewer compute resources.

What's more, you'll always receive a simplified bill without hidden data transfer, cost-per-query, or cost-per-data-scanned charges.

Control costs with no concessions, so you can grow your application not your spend


24/7 support no matter where you are

Timescale extends 100% PostgreSQL, so you can rely on everything you love about PostgreSQL, including an excellent development experience and a rich ecosystem of database extensions, tools, and connectors.

All of this comes with continuous incremental backup/recovery, point-in-time forking/branching, zero-downtime upgrades, and multi-AZ high availability, plus an experienced global ops and support team that can build and manage PostgreSQL at scale.

If you ever get stuck or would just like some help, we provide top-notch consultative support to help you unblock any obstacles—at no extra cost.

And they're available 24/7.

24/7 support no matter where you are
Engineered for cost savings

Our resource efficiency means you need less compute and storage for your workloads. We’ve also engineered more cost savings with usage-based storage (only pay for what you store), a low-cost storage tier for rarely-accessed data, and scalable compute.

Find the right time-series solution for you

Choose the fastest Postgres time-series database—whether you self-host our open-source TimescaleDB, or rely on one of our worry-free cloud options.