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A production-ready, modern cloud

The fastest PostgreSQL, built for time series and analytics.

Supercharged PostgreSQL

Automated dynamic data partitioning

Hybrid row-columnar storage

Advanced compression techniques

Incremental up-to-date materializations

Policy-driven data management

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“A performant time-series database built on the rock-solid PostgreSQL, with stellar support to boot.“

Enterprise with 1,001-5,000 employees

Boost performance exponentially, with native data structure and query optimizations

  • Write millions of data points per second, without giving up flexibility
  • Improve query performance by 1,000x compared to vanilla PostgreSQL
  • Impress users with millisecond response times for complex aggregate queries
  • Enjoy fast scans across historical data as recent rows are converted to columnar storage transparently
  • Perform complex data analysis faster, with more than 100 built-in SQL hyperfunctions for fewer lines of code
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Scale efficiently with software and hardware advancements, built for modern infrastructure

  • Dynamically scale compute and storage independently. Only pay for what you use.
  • Scale query capacity with read replicas and connection pools as your workloads grow
  • Save 90%+ storage space with our advanced type-specific compression algorithms
  • Store infinite data by transparently tiering older data to warm storage on Amazon S3
  • Easily store 100 TBs across data tiers, and still query as standard SQL tables

Control costs with no concessions, so you can grow your application not your spend

  • Cost-effective and flexible pricing with usage-based storage and dynamic compute options. Stop worrying about resource waste.
  • Increase performance with fewer compute resources plus custom optimizations for time-series data and analytics
  • Cut your storage costs with advanced compression that saves 90%+ storage use, and tier to bottomless object storage for even greater savings
  • Reduce your storage footprint further via automated data retention policies and continuous aggregations
  • Receive a simplified bill that you will understand, without hidden data transfer, cost-per-query, or cost-per-data-scanned charges
Compression rates chart
Compression rates chart
Worry free

Focus on your application, stop worrying about your database

  • Timescale extends 100% PostgreSQL, so rely on everything you love about PostgreSQL—excellent dev experience and a rich ecosystem of database extensions, tools, and connectors
  • Stop worrying about size. No more running out of storage space, managing disk allocations, or getting stuck in the wrong CPU/memory configuration.
  • Save time and stress with continuous incremental backup/recovery, point-in-time forking/branching, zero-downtime upgrades, and multi-AZ high availability
  • Rely on top-notch consultative support to unblock any hurdles—at no extra cost
  • Sleep soundly knowing that a global ops and support team is 24x7 on the job, with deep experience building and managing Postgres at scale

Engineered for cost savings

Our resource efficiency means you need less compute and storage for your workloads. We’ve also engineered more cost savings with usage-based storage (only pay for what you store), a low-cost storage tier for rarely-accessed data, and scalable compute.

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