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Timescale’s impressive performance isn’t magic –it’s engineering.

Our engineering team has been hard at work solving some of the thorniest problems people encounter when developing data-intensive and time-series applications in PostgreSQL:

  • We use automatic partitioning to efficiently support very large tables.
  • We use automatically maintained materialized views to speed up standing queries.
  • We use best-in-class compression to reduce disk usage and speed up queries.
  • And to top it all off, we’ve implemented advanced planning optimizations to make your queries blazing-fast.

Large tables are slow and manual partitioning is a pain

Blazing-fast queries and automatic partitioning

There is no way to speed up queries that aggregate data over time

Efficient, always up-to-date materialized views using continuous aggregates

Uncompressed data

Native columnar compression

Engineered for cost savings

Our resource efficiency means you need less compute and storage for your workloads. We’ve also engineered more cost savings with usage-based storage (only pay for what you store), a low-cost storage tier for rarely-accessed data, and scalable compute.

Usage-based storage has caused a shift in our organizational mentality, and that’s only one of the many innovations that continue to come from Timescale.”

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