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September 22nd 2020

Combining the Power of IoT & Time‑Series

  • “OpenEEW: Low-latency IoT earthquake early warning systems”Speaker: Andy Meira
  • “Modeling machine data: Optimizing an IIoT time-series database”Speakers: Mario Ishikawa
June 16th 2020

Cataloguing the World: Medicine, Tweets, and Beyond

  • “An online Pharmaceutical Compendium”Speaker: Drug Central
  • “Intro to Twitter Developer Labs”Speakers: Suhem Parack
May 19th 2020

Solving Urban Mysteries with Public Data

  • “Taking the MTA's Unruly Turnstile Data”Speaker: Chris Whong
  • “Building a Regional Analytics Database”Speakers: Jonathan Leek
April 21st 2020

Snapchat of litter + drive renewable energy use

  • “OpenLitterMap”Speaker: Sean Lynch
  • “Using TimescaleDB for logistic Distributed Energy Management of the Future”Speakers: John Gorman and Matt Magoffin
March 31st 2020

Intro to flattening the curve + eradicating inefficient queries

  • “Flattening the curve: If you can't measure it, you can improve it”Speaker: Joel Natividad
  • “Intro to cloud-optimized geoTIFFs”Speaker: Saheel Ahmad
  • “Faster queries = more Animal Crossing”Speaker: Jonan Scheffler
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