DataPubA Virtual Meetup for Public Data Enthusiasts

September 22nd 2020
4:00 - 5:00PM EST1:00 - 2:00PM PST

Learn how to use public data sets to build amazing applications, up-level existing projects, and share your own.

Join us to hear from community leaders as they demo their latest work, data scientists with best practices for analyzing and visualizing information, people who curate interesting public datasets, and more.

The schedule for the event:

  • Welcome and introductory remarks (5 mins)
  • Guest presentations, demos, and more (40 mins)
  • Open questions and forum (15 mins)

While we'll have time for questions following each speaker and at the end, you're encouraged - and welcome! - to ask questions, share perspectives, and participate throughout the event.

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June 16th 2020

Cataloguing the World: Medicine, Tweets, and Beyond

  • “An online Pharmaceutical Compendium”Speaker: Drug Central
  • “Intro to Twitter Developer Labs”Speakers: Suhem Parack
May 19th 2020

Solving Urban Mysteries with Public Data

  • “Taking the MTA's Unruly Turnstile Data”Speaker: Chris Whong
  • “Building a Regional Analytics Database”Speakers: Jonathan Leek
April 21st 2020

Snapchat of litter + drive renewable energy use

  • “OpenLitterMap”Speaker: Sean Lynch
  • “Using TimescaleDB for logistic Distributed Energy Management of the Future”Speakers: John Gorman and Matt Magoffin
March 31st 2020

Intro to flattening the curve + eradicating inefficient queries

  • “Flattening the curve: If you can't measure it, you can improve it”Speaker: Joel Natividad
  • “Intro to cloud-optimized geoTIFFs”Speaker: Saheel Ahmad
  • “Faster queries = more Animal Crossing”Speaker: Jonan Scheffler