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Higher ingests, faster queries, same PostgreSQL

Migrate from Amazon RDS to scale efficiently, build better applications faster, and save money… all on PostgreSQL.


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Built for price performance

Save money

Grow your data, not your storage costs.

  • 90+% storage savings via columnar compression.
  • Tier data to bottomless object storage on Amazon S3 and keep querying in SQL.
  • Auto-downsample data to retain signal while reducing storage footprint.

Get more from PostgreSQL

Scale further

Give your end-users answers in milliseconds, not minutes.

  • 44% higher ingests and 350x faster queries than Amazon RDS.
  • Lightning fast performance for common aggregate queries.
  • Automatic time-based partitioning and indexing.

“We've moved our Amazon RDS data into Timescale Cloud to further simplify our data infrastructure and make it easier and faster to work with our data”

Carlos Olmos, Senior Principal Software Engineer

110% PostgreSQL

Same PostgreSQL, and more

Get more from PostgreSQL, without losing the good stuff.

  • Use your existing PostgreSQL and SQL expertise.
  • Leverage the entire PostgreSQL ecosystem of tools, drivers and connectors.
  • Scale PostgreSQL for time-series, events and analytics out of the box.

Switching is simple

Painless migration

Meet Hypershift, Timescale’s tool for fast, frictionless migration.

  • Migrate data 2-3x faster than `pg_dump/pg_restore`
  • Reduce costs with no interim storage and 90+% data compression.
  • Learn more about migrating to Timescale

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