Using Promscale as a general purpose Timescale database

I am sure this question has been asked many times before but I didn’t see it on the new forum yet:

Is there anything ‘special’ about the Promscale installation which would preclude it from also serving as a general purpose TimescaleDB as well? For my personal requirements, I am operating within Kubernetes and I already need Timescale, Prometheus and Grafana, so it seems that using tobs to join it all together and provide all of the extra monitoring goodies is a no-brainer.

For extra bonus points, if I already have a HA TimescaleDB deployed in my cluster, what would it take to upgrade this to a full, tobs-like installation. I have seen the instructions for using tobs to integrate with Timescale Cloud but I am assuming the process is different if the Timescale database is already in-cluster?, i.e. you wouldn’t want to use tobs’s --external-timescaledb-uri flag… or could this flag simply be pointed to the existing in-cluster timescale service?

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Hey @peedrr

You can definitely use tobs with the existing TimescaleDB setup. All you have to do is configure --external-timescaledb-uri flag make sure to use db host as the service name of incluser TimescaleDB service name.

If you prefer installation with helm you can directly use the helm chart of tobs and configure the db-uri in values.yaml, disable the TimescaleDB installation from the helm chart by setting this value as false. You can customize your installation by configuring the tobs values.yaml as per your requirements to set up the complete stack.

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Great, thanks for this @vineeth97. I did previously give the helm method a go on an existing Timescale deployment but it failed on some database credentials (hence the question). I’ll try again and pop a message in here if I get stuck

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