TimescaleDB v2.6 Availability

Can you please advise when TimescaleDB v2.6 will be available in Managed Services? 2.5.2 seems to be the highest version I have available.


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The good news is it has become available today (March 3rd). Please let us know if you’re having any trouble locating it, it’s only about 4 or 5 hours live as I type.


Terrific news @LorraineP

Thanks for the update.

To upgrade do I simply Alter the extension? Anything else required?

That’s about it… @alex_thinath wrote a kb article on how to upgrade (we should get that copied across to this forum I think, but for now Upgrading your TimescaleDB database version | Managed Service for TimescaleDB Knowledge Base )

Enjoy! If you encounter any problems please do email [email protected] even if you pop into Slack or the forum to check on things :pray:t2: